Patient Charter

Nuffield Clinic provides a health service that is for all people living in Ghana irrespective of age, sex, ethnic background and religion; and requires collaboration between health workers, patients/clients and society.

Nuffield Clinic provides for and respects the rights and responsibilities of patients/clients, families, health workers and other health care providers.
Nuffield Clinic will be sensitive to patient’s socio-cultural and religious backgrounds, age, gender and other differences as well as the needs of patients with disabilities.

This charter ensures that service personnel as well as patients/clients and their families understand their rights and responsibilities.

Patients’ Rights

  •  You are entitled to full information on your condition and management and the possible risks involved except in emergency situations when you are unable to make a decision and the need for treatment is urgent.
  • You are entitled to know of alternative treatment(s) and other health care providers within the Service if these may contribute to improved outcomes.
  • You have the right to know the identity of all your caregivers and other persons who may handle you including students, trainees and ancillary workers.
  • You have the right to privacy during consultation, examination and
  • You are entitled to confidentiality of information obtained about
    yourself and such information shall not be disclosed to a third party without your consent or the person entitled to act on your behalf except where such information is required by law or is in the public interest.
  • Procedures for complaints, disputes and conflict resolution shall be explained to patients or their accredited representatives.
  • Clinic charges, mode of payments and all forms of anticipated
    expenditure shall be explained to the patient prior to treatment.
  • You are entitled to personal safety and reasonable security of property within the confines of Nuffield.
  • You have the right to a second medical opinion if you so desire.

Patients’ Responsibilities

The patient should understand that he/she is responsible for his/her own health and should therefore
co-operate fully with healthcare providers. The patient is responsible for
  • Providing full and accurate medical history for his/her diagnosis, treatment, counseling and rehabilitation purposes.
  • Requesting additional information and or clarification regarding his/her health or treatment, which may not have been well understood.
  • Complying with prescribed treatment, reporting adverse effects and adhering, to follow up requests.
  • Informing his/her healthcare providers of any anticipated problems in following prescribed treatment or advice.
  • Obtaining all necessary information, which have a bearing on his/her management and treatment including all financial implications.
  • Acquiring knowledge, on preventive, promotive and simple curative practices and where necessary to seeking early professional help.
  • Maintaining safe and hygienic environment in order to promote good health.
  • Respecting the rights of other patients/clients and personnel working at Nuffield Clinic.
  • Protecting the property of Nuffield Clinic.

NB: Adapted from the Ghana Health Service Patients’ Charter