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We have an Outpatient Service that offers an appointment system as well as a walk- in service for our patients. To book an appointment, kindly Contact us

Orthopaedic Consultations and Procedures

This specialty deals with the management of musculoskeletal disorders affecting the bones, joints and soft tissue structures. Management of sports injuries, trauma, joint dislocation, fracture reduction and stabilisation, wound care. We perform joint injections and other orthopaedic and general procedures.

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Rheumatology Consultations and Procedures

This specialty deals with the management of musculoskeletal disorders affecting the
bones, joints and soft tissue structures, including different types of arthritis-
rheumatoid arthritis, gout, etc; inflammatory muscle disorders, autoimmune and
connective tissue disorders. We perform joint and soft tissue injections.

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Physician Specialist Consultations

This specialty deals with the management of acute and chronic diseases affecting
the internal organs of the body. It includes preventative care, diagnosis and treatment
of conditions such as lung and heart diseases, stroke, diabetes mellitus, kidney
disease, gastrointestinal disorders, infections amongst others.

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General Practice (GP)

Our Family Medicine Specialist offers wholistic care to adults and children suffering from common medical conditions and infections, encompassing the physical, psychological and social aspects of their care. We also provide preventative Well-Man, Well-Woman, General Health Screening and Family Planning clinics.

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Health Screening Packages

Available are individual and corporate executive health screening programmes; pre-
employment medical screening; cancer screening; lifestyle advice, risk-factor
modification and general management of patients to improve overall health and  well-being.

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Physiotherapy, Sports Injury and Rehabilitation Services

We provide therapeutic exercises and a variety of techniques and therapies for the management of acute and chronic injuries, musculoskeletal conditions, post-stroke and elderly care rehabilitation and paediatric skeletal and neurological deformities. Other treatment modalities to complement our services include medical massage, acupuncture and reflexology delivered by certified practitioners.

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Diet and Nutrition

Our Dieticians are available to perform detailed assessments on nutrition and provide education, practical and personalised plans to assist patients achieve their healthy eating goals or work towards managing their disease.

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Laboratory and Imaging Services

We offer laboratory tests in partnership with a reputable, ISO-certified laboratory company.

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Dispensary Services

We stock devices for joint and limb stabilization and certified drugs to assist with the management of general medical conditions and musculoskeletal and rheumatic disorders.

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Urgent Care

We provide acute care and stabilization of fractures; wound suturing and dressing;
and medical urgencies within working hours.

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Category: Location

We are located in Osu, near the Salvation Army Headquarters. No. 8 Sunkwa Road, Osu, Accra.


Category: Services

Please see the Services page for our full range of specialist services and tests.

Opening Times

Category: Opening Times

We are open from 8.30 am to 2 pm on select holidays. You may call to confirm our hours.

Category: Opening Times

We are open from 8.30 am to 5 pm on weekdays.


Category: Appointment

Yes. You can walk-in. However, walk-ins will be attended to on a “first come, first served” basis and patients with appointments will take precedence.

Category: Appointment

Call us on 050 377 1983 to book your appointment date and time.


Category: Payment

We accept payment via cash, credit/debit card, mobile money transfer, corporate and insurance billing.

Category: Payment

Your bill will depend on any consultations and tests needed during your visit. Call our front desk (030 222 9289) for information on fees.


Category: Insurance

Acacia Health Insurance / Nationwide Medical Insurance

Apex Health Insurance / Premier Mutual Health

Metropolitan Health Insurance/ Phoenix Health Insurance

Ace Health Insurance / Equity Health Insurance